How to Qualify

Navigating the NJMMP technology may be challenging for many patients seeking safe access to medical cannabis, fortunately Compassionate Care Foundation is here to help.  Here you can find everything you need to know on what is required and how to go about registering as a patient with the NJMMP.

Ask your doctor about using medical cannabis, decide with them if this is the right option for you.  You must have a debilitating medical condition to qualify for the New Jersey Medical Marijuana Program.  The use of medical cannabis is not for everybody, and having the support of your physician and family is a necessity.
After speaking with your doctor about using medical cannabis you will need to acquire a recommendation from a NJMMP registered physician.  If your current physician is not registered to the New Jersey Medical Marijuana Program, they may be able to refer you to one who is.
Upon receiving your recommendation for medical cannabis from a NJMMP physician you can begin to register as a patient with the program.  Registering with the program can only be done online at The certification process requires multiple steps and documents, including a $200 initial registration fee, some may qualify for a discount with proof of approved government assistance. For patients who wish to have someone come to our dispensary on their behalf, it is possible to assign a caregiver. They will need to follow the same procedures to register.
You will receive an email informing you of your approval into the the New Jersey Medical Marijuana Program.  Your state issued MMP license will arrive via certified mail in approximately 7-10 day after.  Patients are asked to call the state's customer service line at 609-292-0849 to inform them that their cards have arrived.
Once you have your medical cannabis card please call us for an appointment.  We are open and there is no waiting time.  We look forward to being able to serve you.

Useful Tools and Information:

New Jersey’s list of approved debilitating illnesses.

Registered NJMMP physicians

Instructions on navigating and registering as a patient through the state website:

  • Go to and open Patient Registration page
  • Complete required information (as noted by the red asterisk)
  • Enter patient reference number supplied by physician and submit
  • Complete required patient information (as noted by the red asterisk)
  • Enter the Alternative Treatment Center of choice
  • Complete patient certification
  • Complete required caregiver information (if applicable)
  • Click “Save and Continue” and review confirmation page
  • Continue to upload documents for both patient and caregiver (if applicable)Required Documents for
    • Patient photograph
    • Proof of Identification-Government Issued Photo ID
    • Proof of current New Jersey residency
    • Caregiver photograph (if applicable)
    • Caregiver government issued ID (if applicable)
    • Caregiver proof of NJ residency (if applicable)